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We are posting this letter in the hopes that it will clear up some mis-conceptions surrounding the Vernon Farmers Market

Here’s a bit about us….


Our goal is to offer families and the community a venue to connect closer to food security, agriculture and local products. We have worked really hard to cultivate a vibrant, cheerful, healthy experience that the whole community can be very proud of. The estimated economic benefit of the combined Monday and Thursday dates on the local economy is approximately $3.35 million annually. This is money that stays locally. The estimated number of visitors annually: 99,088. These numbers are from a study done in 2012, we’re confident they are considerably higher now and does not include the new Vernon INDOOR Farmers Market.


We have a COV business license that covers our vendors. We carry the appropriate Insurance, follow Interior Health food guidelines and follow BC Safety Code practices. We are a member of the Greater Vernon Chamber Of Commerce, we are a registered Society that follows the Canadian Revenue Agency policies. The VFM was very instrumental in forming the BC Assoc. of Farmers Markets which is highly recognized and supported by the Provincial government. We are a partner in the Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon program which is funded by the BC Government Healthy Families program and administered through the BCAFM. We give out a yearly Bursary to a graduate furthering their education in the Agriculture or Culinary fields. This past season the Food Bank gleaned 16,598 pounds of fresh produce from the VFM.  We hosted, at no charge, over 30 Non-profit groups and community organizations this past season. We have won awards both locally and provincially. We routinely offer free local entertainment and free activities. We believe that we provide a service that helps make this a better community.


So this is the sad part…..


What we really want to address here is the fact that some people seem to believe we are somehow a lesser class of tenant of the Multi-Use facility now known as Kal Tire Place.


Due to the upcoming Arena Referendum there have been remarks such as “We shouldn’t be setting up shop on a paid for, by the taxpayer site” or “We should go back out to the country…. “where we belong”,

amongst other disappointing comments.


As all of Council and other local politicians can attest, we have never been opposed to the new arena, we have never debated the merits of the need or not of a new arena, we just wanted the location to be re-visited….. and for several reasons …. we still do. That is our opinion. Yes we gave out a “Vote No” leaflet on one Market day, mainly to get some attention as we felt that no one was listening to our concerns. It worked. We have since had 2 fruitful meetings with representatives from COV Council (Thank-You Mayor Mund, Councilor Lord and Architect Brian Quiring) and although it is not perfect, we will try our best to make the smaller area at Kal Tire Place work. We’ve got experience; we’ve played this game before.


We are a year-round paying tenant just like the Vipers business is a tenant, like the past Snow Show is a tenant etc. We have been a tenant with the RDNO and City of Vernon for 36 years. And we are a very good tenant! We are completely self-sufficient. Sometimes we clean up the mess left behind from an event that may have occurred the night before or from debris left from the Southern Interior Karting Assoc. (Come to think of it, we wonder what will happen to them) and we always clean up after ourselves. We use very little in the way of utilities or maintenance. No heating, no air-conditioning. In other words we don’t “cost” the taxpayers anything except maybe some toilet paper. We don’t show up in the City’s expense column. We wonder how the Vipers would like it if the next Council didn’t care much for hockey and decided that the Multi-Use facility should be converted to a year round indoor Farmers Market? We would never wish that! We enjoy Hockey too you know! (Go Vipers!) And you know what….we are taxpayers too.


We treasure the heritage and historical aspect of the farm-to-table lifestyle. We are committed to creating opportunity, building community, shifting perceptions and shaping the experience of what it means to attend a farmers' market. We sincerely hope you will continue to join us for years to come.


As Always, we thank you for your support!


Authorized by The Vernon Farmers Market

Registered sponsor under LECFA