WELCOME To The Vernon Farmers Market!

After parking in the spacious lot, strolling through the Market I quickly come to realize the uniqueness and diversity of our region plus a few Canadian specialties thrown in. I am eagerly anticipating the first, fresh, crisp asparagus of the season along with an array of new baby veggies. And very soon the aroma of sweet strawberries and dark red cherries will fill the air. You’ll find jars of goodness from Olga’s Preserves and zesty smoked sausage and jerky from Smokey Ray’s. I’m inspired to think and feel healthier especially after discovering Back To Earth’s Weeds & Seeds Cereal, local walnuts, fresh picked herbs and even the possibility of growing my own vegetables after getting some planting tips from Rachelle at Zelaney Farms. I notice a group of kids, one with carrot in hand, one with a muffin running enthusiastically to the Bouncy Castle and I look to see if the resident face-painter is close by. My treasure hunt continues with literally 100’s of great gift ideas such as a piece of hand-crafted jewelry for Mother’s Day or a set of ash-glazed pottery mugs for that wedding coming up this summer. I top off my morning with a cup of fresh drip-through coffee and a yummy slice of poppy-seed cake although I had a hard time choosing between that and a whole package of gingersnap cookies from Fred’s Breads and Bakery. Next time I’ll opt to stay for lunch…….now just to decide which delicious concession to order from.


With the change of the seasons and the multitude of cheerful vendors, every Market Day can be a new and exciting experience. Walking outside, meeting new people, lively chatter, enjoying fresh air, eating good food, listening to music, supporting your local economy and buying handmade are all in a morning’s visit to the Vernon Farmer’s Market. I feel so welcome here and I hope you will too!


Make It A Fresh Day!

@ The Vernon Farmers Market,

Every Monday & Thursday, Rain or Shine

Wesbild Center Parking Lot

April 15 til October 31

8:00am -1:00pm.